Blue Sky Landscape Maintenance is the premiere landscape maintenance contractor in Las Vegas.  We specialize in commercial and private properties and have provided years of continuous service to many of the most revered master planned communities, hotel casinos, and corporations in Las Vegas.

As a locally owned and operated company we understand the challenges of our harsh desert climate.   Not only do we get the most out of an existing plant palette through proper irrigation, trimming and pruning practices but we specialize in educating our clientele on drought tolerant native species that will thrive in our desert.  Using those principles, we perform beautiful design and enhancement work for our customers that protects the environment and conserves our most precious resource – water.

There are many landscape contractors in the marketplace that compete purely on price.  Our focus is on value and service.  The advantage that you get what you pay for is perhaps nowhere more obvious than it in landscaping.  Blue Sky Landscape Maintenance set the standard in Las Vegas for the highest quality work and service in the industry.   We pride ourselves on having long-tenured staff members that have years of education, training and experience; we also use the highest quality products, equipment, tools and technology.  All of which ensures that our work enhances the curb appeal, reputation and value of the properties we maintain.